DIY your own ugly Christmas sweater!

No winter wardrobe is complete without an ugly Christmas sweater! Stores have seasonal selections (and you can find a lot of great stuff online), but for the craftier among us, making your own sweater is the *only* way to go. 

To help, we've rounded up the cutest DIY sweaters on the web. Be inspired...and go win the next Ugly Sweater competition!

The Garland Jacket

Photo via Pinterest

If you decorate for Christmas, you often have more garland than you actually need. Put it to good use by pinning it to a sweater and be the shiniest person in any room! Safety pins are probably your best bet—but you'll need a lot!

The Adorable Yeti


Not only is this fuzzy character the cutest thing we've seen on a sweater, but he lights up! Youtuber NonaChewy's tutorial is easy to follow along, in case you want to make an equally adorable yeti.



From the same channel, we have a sweater that will please Star Wars fans old and new. The tutorial is a little more complex—and might be a future challenge on Netflix's Nailed It!—but worth taking major inspo from.

A Literal Christmas Tree


This DIY was posted after the image of the sweater went viral online. Not only does it look cute, but you can become a Christmas tree by putting your arms above your head. Is this not what dreams are made of?

The Temporary Sweaters


These 5(!) designs from HGTV aren't permanent, which is great for those of us who want to wear our sweaters year-round without the ugly. 

The Crocheted Christmas Tree


If you don't know how to crochet, you can use felt cutouts and fabric glue to whip up something similar. On the other hand, winter break is the perfect time to learn!

Which of these sweaters is your fave? Drop a line in the comments below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 12/10/2019