Feel festive ASAP by checking out these celeb-inspired holiday traditions

Whether you spend your holiday break decorating a tree or spinning a dreidel with your friends, there is no shortage of enthusiasm that comes with the few weeks we have away from school. Your family has had the same routine for years; maybe, you are ready for a change.

What better way to find a new tradition that by looking to the stars? Check out our fave celeb-inspired holiday traditions to keep your break fresh and exciting, year after year.

Keep it spicy

When you thought you could not love the JoBros more already, Nick let fans in on a fave fam tradition around the holidays, and it is def not what you would imagine.

"Every year we eat tamales on Christmas morning and it's pretty awesome," Nick told InStyle. "My mom started it and it's special because Kevin, Joe and I have grown up doing it. It's very like us to have tamales on Christmas."

Holidays are for lounging

Don't let Chrissy's massively popular cookbooks and cookware collection fool you: she takes the holidays to relax, too.

Along with talking about the value of the little things on Christmas morning, like stockings, Chrissy explained that the Stephens family likes to kick back during the most wonderful time of the year.

"Christmas Day is more of, like, order McDonald's and go to the movies," Chrissy spilled to Today. "It's a very lazy day."

Pay it forward

Carrie Underwood loves saving time and giving back, making a quick breakfast trip the first to-do on her long Christmas Day list. We love a generous queen!

“We'll get up and go to Waffle House,” Carrie told PEOPLE Country. “It’s such a hectic time, and I don’t feel like making breakfast on a day that you’re just making so much food anyway. So we order breakfast and leave a ginormous tip.”

Christmas (t)winning

Some families read stories or watch holiday movies together, but the Kardashians take the opportunity to get match-y. The squad gets together at sister Kourtney's house, and that is where the adorbs fun begins.

"On Christmas morning, we all wear matching pajamas when we open presents at Kourtney's house," Kim wrote on her app. "Each year, we get different pajamas."

Showcase your strong suit

While the Obama family is known for their success in the White House, Michelle explained that her family was too big to get pricy gifts as a child. As a result, the fam came up with a more creative way to hand out the year's presents.

The best part? The tradition is still very much alive.

"Our extended family was so large, people couldn't really afford to buy gifts for everyone. So a couple of my aunts would go out and purchase small gifts," Michelle shared with Ladies' Home Journal. "They would put them in a basket and in order to get a gift you had to perform. You could tell a joke, read a poem, do a backflip — anything counted. It's a tradition that we've carried on today."

Which of these traditions do you want to try out at home? Share your faves with us in the comments!

by Logan Potter | 12/27/2019