Get organized for 2020—a real teen master planner shows you how!

Editors' Note: Natalie Bell, a self-proclaimed #plannerbabe runs her own blog, BlogEverythingElse—she's also a high school junior! Here, she details her inspiring and super-detailed take on staying organized in the new year. 


My catchall- ​My catchall is the planner I am most excited about and I think I have found the perfect system for me! I have a few note pages in the front and then it jumps to four months of the This is Your Year CLASSIC Happy Planner! I will be using the empty space on the currently page for my goals and currently list for the month. For the weeks I will switch between using the vertical layout and the horizontal layout from the Best Year Yet CLASSIC Happy Planner. After those four months, I have a divider from the FOODIE Collection that will hold the recipes I want to make each week! Once I meal plan, I will take the recipes I want to use from my CLASSIC Recipe Planner and put them in my catchall. This way I don't have to search for the recipe once it is time to make it! Next, I will have four weeks worth of a gratitude journal to journal in. After that, I have a dashboard from the Digital Detox Planner Companion for my one little word for 2020 space. Next I have a page protector for a vision board I will make, a Digital Detox bucket list and reading lists.

I think that the combination of my plans, recipes, and motivational sheets will be perfect for me and perfect for starting 2020 off right!

Social Media- For my social media planner, I am using the CLASSIC Happy Planner that came in the Be Happy Box in collaboration with The Social Type. It has a dashboard layout and I have found that the dashboard layout really works the best for my planner needs. I will use the currently page for social media goals and motivating quotes. I will plan out my social media posts in pencil in the monthly, and plan them out in detail on the weekly. I will also use the weekly to plan out my squad to-dos, emails I need to write and designs I want to draw. In the back of the planner, I have past drafts of blog posts and notepaper!

Wellness- I am going to use the Dainty Details CLASSIC Happy Planner to track my wellness and digital detox goals. I will also use the monthly to plan out a month's worth of self care prompts. I will then do the prompt of the day each day.

School Club Planner- I will continue to use the Homebody Mini to keep track of everything I need to do for a club at my school that I am the public relations and graphic designer for!

Student Planner- I will continue to use my Student Happy Planner that is from Target to track everything school related!

Memory Planner- I will continue to use the BIG Squad Life 18 Month Planner for my memory planning!


Classic Half Sheet- I will use this planner for decorating and experimenting. I really want to be creative with this layout!

Mini Half Sheet- I will use this planner to write down what I wore each day! I always forget what I wore during the week and so this will help me remember and this will inspire me for future outfits!


CLASSIC Recipe Planner- I will fill up my recipe planner from the FOODIE collection with family recipes that I want to preserve for the future!

Grocery List Notebook- I put some grocery list halfsheets in a halfsheet notebook in order to brainstorm new meal ideas and to write grocery lists for my mom!

SQUAD Notebook- My SQUAD notebook contains all the project and release information I need for making and posting content!

Etsy Notebook- My Etsy notebook contains all my past sales and pricing info I need in order to run my Etsy shop, Joyful Paper Studio!

Are you a master planner? How do you organize your life? Let us know in the comments!


by Natalie Bell | 1/2/2020