5 upcycled crafts to try at home

So you're stuck inside for an extended time now and you might have limited supplies...but that doesn't mean you have to limit your creativity when it comes to crafts! Here are some fun, fresh ways to upcycle and turn some old stuff around the house into mood-boosting new finds. 

An old CD or DVD = Wall decor


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As simple as it sounds, you can paint or bedazzle your old CDs or DVDs to turn them into dreamy designs. Recreate one of your fave paintings or put a totally unique spin by painting something freehand. Then, hot glue a long string to the back to hang it on your wall or door to display your masterpiece!

A shoebox = A picture frame


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We all have a spare shoebox lingering around the house. Now, you can turn one into a hip photo frame! Whether you paint a scene or insert a photograph, you can wrap your box in wrapping paper for some extra glam.  

Hangers = A dreamy geometric design


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Cleaned out a closet over the last few weeks and have extra hangers? Make a one-of-a-kind design! Play around by overlapping and arranging the hangers, then use zip ties to fix them together when you're happy with the look. You can fill any extra wall space with a neat, intricate style.

Used food jars = Vases and candle holders 


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Have some extra mason jars around the house? Give them a goold ol' wash and then turn them into pretty vases or candle holders. Here's a neat trick: Mix Elmer's glue with blue or green food coloring, and paint the outside of the jar for a beautiful seaglass look. 

Toilet paper rolls = Organizers


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A rarity these days, we know, but after you use up your toilet paper, let the good times roll! You can use toilet paper rolls to design an organizer for office supplies, makeup brushes, nail name it! Just use a piece of cardboard as a base, and hot glue the rolls to the base. 

Which craft are you itching to try? Let us know in the comments!


by Nancy Bowne | 4/21/2020