6 back-to-school DIYs (that aren't just making over school supplies)

You've painted your pencils so they glow in the dark, used washi tape to create the perfect custom bookmarks and crafted recycled notebooks out of paper bags. Surely there is no back-to-school DIY that you haven't done. Well, we've got good news: there are plenty more DIYs out there that *aren't* just about making over your school supplies. We've scoured the web for the most useful and fun ones to try this school year. Scroll on to find your next project, perfect for...

Your memories

Image: Rachel Nipper/iheartcraftythings

Believe it or not, a year flies by pretty fast. Since this is a particularly remarkable back-to-school season, record your own history with a homemade time capsule like the one in the tutorial here.

All you have to do is fancy up a jar and drop in whatever you see fit. This could be a photo of you (with mask and hand sanitizer, obvi), a note about your goals for the year, a tracing of your hand, or any other memorabilia that you want to look back on.

When the last day of school comes, return to the jar and reminisce about how far you've come. Just make sure you put a tissue in there—tears *will* flow.

Your breath

Image: Mandee Thomas/Designs By Miss Mandee

We've all been there: you pull out a pack of gum to freshen your breath and suddenly everyone in the class is asking for a piece. ICY don't already know, carrying an empty pack as a dupe will keep your classmates at bay.

If you are feeling generous, why not dispense gum out of the cutest container possible? That's right, there are DIY gum containers now. This cassette tape-inspired look might seem like a relic from the past (or an episode of13 Reasons Why) but the craft is totally timeless.

To create your own retro gum holder, you'll need cardstock, a color printer, and some glue. Find the tutorial here (and feel free to play your favorite mixtape while you work).

Your #ootd

Image: Sheena Tomlinson/The Keeper of the Cheerios

Pencil shoes. That's it, that's the post. Okay, not really, but there's not much that needs to be said about this fun DIY. Look at that picture and tell me those aren't the new Jordans.

Here's a rundown of the tutorial: take a pair of white shoes and tape the area near where you're painting. Add black paint (aka the pencil lead) on the toe, a strip of beige where the shavings would be, and yellow for the body of the shoe/pencil. Pink and gray at the heel makes the eraser. Write 'No. 2' on the side and your DIY is complete.

Whether you're all-online, doing a hybrid, or back in the classroom, you can bet your new shoes will get a reaction. They might be harder to show off on Zoom, but snap a pic for your Insta and watch the likes roll in.

Your tunes

Image: Ashley Johnston/Make It And Love It

Earbuds make online school ten times easier—less feedback during your video calls—and they're basically essential for in-person school. But a boring case doesn't cut it. That's why there are chic tutorials like this to help you make your own earbud holder.

A cool thing about this project is that it recycles another back-to-school essential: the empty mint container. Saving the planet and your earbuds? What can't these DIYs do?

To make this craft, empty out the minty goodness and peel off the brand label. Replace it with a fabric square (or a picture of your favorite band), add a handy clip, and voila. Your earbuds are ready to be stored in style.

Your pep rally

Image: Terri Thompson/Creative Family Fun

A great way to flex your school spirit + use up the extra washers laying around your house is to make this simple necklace. This DIY is probably the easiest one on this list.

To start, tape over one half of the washer. Paint the exposed side with a shade of polish that matches your school colors. Then, lift up the tape and repeat on the other side. Look at the pictures in the tutorial for guidance.

This necklace gets you pep rally ready in minutes, no large crowd required. It's a subtle way to show school spirit without wearing an over-the-top outfit. Just be wary on a hot day—like most metal, washers can get hot in the sun.

Your sweet tooth

Image: Lorainne/Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Pencil us down for twenty of these sweet candy treats. Our final DIY makes eating candy even more fun (!) while sticking with the theme of back-to-school. Just don't make them too early—once they're done, they won't last long.

If you're a chocoholic, grab Hershey's kisses and a pack of Rolo's. Or, substitute the Rolo's for a pack of Lifesavers. Smarties can also work if you tie three rolls together for the proper thickness. Find the tutorial here.

With colorful cardstock, a little glue and foil, you'll soon have pencils you actually *want* to chew on. Make a few extras for your friends and teacher or keep them all for yourself. We won't tell anyone.

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Slider/Header Image: Anastasiya Gepp/Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/24/2020