Here's a list of end-of-summer boredom busters

As summer winds to a close, some of us are frantically struggling to finish off our summer bucket lists. However, during these last few days before school starts again, you might find yourself wasting time on Netflix and TikTok. If you're looking to try something new, here are a few ways to spend the next few days!

Make fruity jam

You mastered bread baking at the beginning of quarantine, now take your culinary skills a step further and learn how to make your own jam. All you need to start jamming (get it?) is some fruit, lemon juice, sugar and a half hour of free time. Once you perfect your *sweet* technique, tie cute ribbons on your jars and give them to friends and family.

Go neighborhood bird-watching

If you love the great outdoors, bird-watching is definitely for you. Bird-watching is a pretty inexpensive hobby—you’ll just want to bring a camera along on your next walk around the neighborhood. When you see a bird that doesn’t look familiar, like a pigeon or a blue jay, snap a pic and then research the bird’s unique features when you get home. As you get more involved with bird-watching, you might want to start keeping a log of all the different species you encounter.

Press flowers

Are you dying for new room decor that gives off the “soft-girl” vibe? Pressed flowers are a great way to make your room feel more magical and girly! Pick some of your favorite flowers and press them underneath a heavy book, then slip them into a frame and you’ve got some brand new wall art.

Fly a kite

Channel your inner Mary Poppins and fly a kite at your local park! This is a a great activity to do with younger siblings or babysitting charges, because they’ll get outside of the house and focus their energy on running around and keeping their kite in the air. Bonus points if you design your own kites!

Brew your own bubble tea

Beat the lines at your favorite tea shop and learn to brew your own bubble tea at home instead! Bubble tea is super easy to make from home, and this recipe contains way less sugar than the drinks sold at most teahouse chains. Once you've mastered the basic tea, you can experiment with different fruity flavors. Delish!

by Elise G. Esquibel | 8/24/2020