Glow up your social feed with these photo editing tutorials

There are dozens of photo apps out there for every kind of creator, but it can be hard to sort out which one's right for you. A good way to narrow down your choices is by watching a few tutorials. Besides helping familiarize you with the app, tutorials show you what's possible in Facetune versus PicsArt or VSCO. You can even learn how to edit like your *fave* influencer or celeb. Here are some of the coolest tutorials using each app to help take your social feed to the next level.


PicsArt is a mobile app known for inspiring surreal effects like the ones below. Thanks to its helpful sticker tool, you can cut out backgrounds and add images with ease. We've covered the popular slime and glitter bikini edits before, but here are some tutorials you might not have seen.





You don't have to consider yourself a VSCO girl to love this trendy app. Known for its presets and 'aesthetic' edits, VSCO is the perfect app for the fashionista in your life. Check out some of the things you can do in this app below. Note that with VSCO, most tutorials are based on the number to which you should use each filter or adjustment option.





Facetune is known as the app of choice for retouching, used by big names in the IG world like James Charles. But the app has more capabilities than blurring out a zit. Peep some of the tutorials below to see how you can use Facetune to its full potential.



Adobe Lightroom

The last photo app we're covering today is the Adobe Lightroom photo editor. Sort of like a free, more basic version of Photoshop, Lightroom is great for more simple edits. If you're trying to start a photography Insta, Lightroom is the app for you. See what you can do below.



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Slider Image: Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/9/2020