Everything you need to glow up your laptop

From Zoom school to online shopping to FaceTime seshes, we've all been using our laptops a *lot* more lately. And because we carry it everywhere, why not spruce it up a little? If your laptop has been feeling a tad drab recently, here's everything you need for a full 180.

Invest in a cute laptop case

Laptop cases are an absolute *must.* And they aren't just adorable—they're super functional, too. Just in case your laptop ever slips out of your hands, you've got your case to thank. Ofc, there are tons of options online, but here are some of our hand-picked faves:

Etsy, $17.07

Amazon, $23.80

Splurge on stickers

Stickering up is the perfect way to inject a bit of personal style into your laptop. Love The Office? Why not pop on the Dunder-Mifflin logo? How about a cute corgi or girl-power quote? You can choose your favorites from the ultimate selection of stickers on Redbubble and Etsy and support independent artists in the process. Win-win!

Etsy, $4.50

Refresh your display

Although it may be time-consuming to sift through the mountain of random PDFs, screenshots and downloads on your laptop, it's super rewarding. Make sure to delete old files that you no longer need, arrange everything into coordinated folders and close out unnecessary tabs. (Bonus: Get a wallpaper makeover by finding aesthetic photos on Pinterest!) Just like decluttering your desk space or your room, you'll feel like a brand-new person after deep cleaning your digital space.


Download fun Chrome extensions

Want to make your laptop even more personalized? Enter: Chrome extensions. You can browse the Chrome Web Store and download extensions that are just right for you. May we recommend Grammarly and Forest for school and Tabby Cat for a cuteness overload?

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by Zoe Yu | 2/1/2022