Feeling stressed? You *need* these DIY stress balls in your life

Cal packed to the brim with assignments, projects, tests and extracurriculars? You're not alone, bb. At this point of the school year, it's almost impossible to not feel at least a little overwhelmed. If second-semester stress is getting to you, we have the DIY for you. Follow these steps to make an *adorable* quick-fix to all the stressy sitches in your life rn.

Here's what you'll need: 

- Balloons 
- A funnel or a plastic water bottle and scissors 
- Water
- Corn starch or flour


1. Place a funnel (or cut a water bottle to use the top as a funnel) into a balloon.

2. Fill the balloon with corn starch or flour.

3. Add water to the balloon.

4. Tie the balloon closed.

5. Enjoy squeezing your stress away! (and don't forget to snap some aesthetic pics, too!)

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 2/22/2022