How to DIY a thrifted concert tee

If you need a way to spice up a band tee, you *could* just tie a knot at the bottom—but believe me, babe, you deserve better! There are so many ways to make that baggy top cute and original. We'll get you started with three unique methods to revamp your thrifted concert merch. 

Fringe is our fave


Cutting fringe is a fabulous option for leveling up your look. All you'll need is a fabric-safe marker, scissors and a ruler. 

Step 1: Lay your tee shirt on a flat surface and mark a horizontal line across the shirt at the length where you want the fringe to start.
Step 2: Draw as many lines as you want from the bottom of the shirt to the first line. It's okay if they aren't all the same width! You can experiment with what size fringe you like the best.
Step 3: Use your scissors to cut along the second set of lines you just drew. Now you've got fringe.
Bonus: There are two optional steps that you can take next if you're wanting to go all out: You can tie pieces of fringe together to make knots, or you can also thread colorful beads onto the fringe. No matter what you do, you'll be left with an oh-so cute result.

Crop 'til you drop


If you want an easy way to style your tee, this tip is for you! Cropping is the simplest way to personalize your thrifted merch. For this look, you'll just need a fabric-safe marker and some scissors.

Step 1: Lay your tee shirt on a flat surface and mark a horizontal line across the shirt at the length you want.

Step 2: All that's left to do is cut the shirt all the way across, and *boom,* you've got a cropped tee. It's as easy as that!

Bleach it, babe


For this DIY you'll need bleach, a spray bottle, cardboard, eye protection, gloves and a sunny day. Remember, bleach can be dangerous if not handled properly—pls ask an adult for help during this process to keep yourself safe.  

Step 1: Place your shirt on the piece of cardboard so the bleach doesn't soak through and stain other surfaces.
Step 2: Fill your spray bottle with bleach and spritz your shirt in the spots you want to alter.
Step 3: Leave your shirt outside in the sun for five minutes, or until the bleach has left light splotches behind. Congratulations! Now you have a super unique, bleached concert tee.

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Top image: @aimiodawara
Slider image: @hemlinemagazime


by Lucia Kelemen | 9/18/2022