Go green this holiday season

Going green has been one of the biggest trends this year, and unlike the Uggs/jean skirt combo, it's one fad we don't ever wanna see die. So what is going green exactly? It's a world-wide effort to preserve, restore and improve our natural environment. We all know the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra, but going green is so much more.
Wanna get on board the green movement but not sure where to start? The holidays are the perfect time to give back, especially to good ol' momma nature. Good thing GL's here with some advice from start to finish on how you can give environmentally friendly gifts and spend your holiday with a good conscience.


Weighed down by carrying armfuls of bags from store to store? Save yourself the trouble by coming prepared with your own! By opting for a reusable tote instead of plastic-bagging each purchase, you'll help save natural resources and look super-cute in the process. Companies like Baggu and Envirosax have lots of great designs to help you show off your eco-friendly ways.
Sure, we all love getting the newest gadgets, but do we really need them? Personalized gifts can be just as sweet. Instead of shelling out the big bucks on something material, why not try something from the heart? Offers to make a delicious meal for the rents or a few nights of babysitting free of charge are always appreciated. Wanna go a little further? Make a donation in someone's name to a charity or organization they're sure to care about. When you "adopt" an animal for your pet-loving little bro from your local zoo, he'll get an adorable photo and adoption certificate and the the money you spend will go towards the care and keeping of the critter.
Wrapping paper is good for just that – wrapping. Once the gift's been given, the pretty paper is no longer useful. This year, opt for pre-designed boxes and bows that your bud can use again in the future. Don't wanna give up your wrapping traditions? Order gift wrap made from recycled paper – companies like Paporganics and Eartheasy sell pretty hemp wrapping paper and biodegradable ribbon. Feeling ambitious? Wrap creatively using glossy magazine pages, brown bags from the grocery store or even a pretty scarf. With some pretty ribbons or a big ol' bow on top, no one will even miss the standard gift wrap.
Spreading Cheer
Sure, it's super fun to get mail, but why not make your holiday greeting card virtual this year? Save the money (and resources!) by sending family and friends an ecard or slideshow to spread the cheer. Don't have tech-savvy rents? Send your snail-mail by using greeting cards made of recycled paper.
Want to do more? Shy away from faux greens to decorate your home this season. Real trees and wreaths may not last as long as the fake ones, but they're a whole lot better for the environment, especially because they can be turned into mulch come January. Also, when lighting up the night, opt for candles made of soy or beeswax and use energy-saving LED lights instead of the regular bulbs.
With so many easy and fun ways to go green this season, why not? Happy holidays!


by Alli Hoge | 2/1/2016