GREAT. GIFTS. FAST. Create piles of prezzies…without spending piles

One of our most fave seasons is right around the corner! Merry Christmas, chicas! ‘Tis the season to be jolly…and GIVING, of course! But giving also means scraping up all your allowance and saved up moola and dumping it at the mall! We totally don’t want that and we def know it’s important to give during the holidays!

So…with a super long list of loved ones, friends and family to prep gifts for, how in the world are you supposed to get something special for everyone? Yikes!!

Deep breath, chicas! No worries, ladies. You know we always got ya covered at GL! We’ve come up with the most freshest prezzie ideas that’ll be sure to save you loads of time and money! Sweeeeet!

Friendships Are Forever.
Super simple. Super cute. Super fun! Pass up on the overpriced Tiffany’s bracelets and come around for some homemade friendship bracelets for you and the besties. All you need are pieces of stretchy string elastic, buttons and/or beads! Use different colored and shaped buttons for a totally stylish piece. Use lettered beads to spell out “BFF” or a friend’s name!

Spread the Love, Suga.
Use whatcha got in your kitchen, girlfriend. Find your inner Martha Stewart and get ready to get yo bake on! Bake bite-sized cuppie cakes, cookies or brownies. After they’re fully cooled, wrap them in colored seran wrap. Add ribbons for a super cute touch! Your fam and friends will totally dig these adorable and delish sweets!

Bump ‘n’ Grindable To Go.
It’s time to play DJ, babe! Compile a list of your fave beats and jams that you def know your girls would get their grooves on to! All you need are a couple of blank CDs, ribbons and a sharpie. After burning your amaaaazing playlist onto the CDs, grab a sharpie and write messages right on the CDs for your besties! Every time they put the CD on, they’ll be able to read what ya wrote! Add a bow or some ribbons onto the case. Your buds will totally love it!

A Walk Down Memory Lane.
This might require a little extra time and money, but it really makes a thoughtful prez! You’ll need lots of paper, pre-printed photos of you and your friends/fam, ribbon, markers. Construction paper is optional! Cut the papers into halves and make piles for however many pages you want for your photo booklet. Cut out the photos into diff sizes and shapes and paste them on to each paper. Decorate the white space with markers and construction cutouts. Punch a hole at a corner and loop a ribbon through. Tie the ribbon into a cute bow and you’re sooo good to go, chica! Tada! You’ve completed a too-cute-to-give-away mini photo booklet! These are totally perf for the holidays and will be sure to give your friends and fam members a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Home-made photo frames are what’s up, ladies! No need to spend anything for this prezzie idea. Use cardboard cut-outs for the frame. Cut squares about an inch or 1.5 inches bigger than a regular-sized photo. Cut the inside out where the photo can be placed. Use construction paper, magazine cutouts, markers and glitter to decorate the frame. Tape or glue the photo at the back of the frame after everything is finished and dried. Use photos of you and your friends together or a fam portrait for a totally sweet gift!

Now that we’ve shared our sweet ideas with ya, let your worries fly free! Get started now with your homemade gifts, girlies! Turn up some music, prep some munchies and get ready for some fun!

- Sharon Choi
12/6/2008 1:00:00 AM
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