DIY Gift Ideas for your Besties!

You love to languish in a tub of bubbly stuff and want your friends to indulge? So be it. Make your own designer bath stuff for a fraction of department store prices. Just turn your kitchen into a lab, and consider it a science project.

Peppermint Soaps
Instead of spending on soap molds, start saving any small roundbottomed plastic containers that might be getting tossed out. (For example, sour cream containers are perfect; just be sure to clean them thoroughly before using as molds.)

Get a brick of white, scentfree glycerin soap from the craft store. Break it into chunks, and put it in a plastic bowl in the microwave on high at 30-minute intervals until melted. Add several splashes of peppermint extract or essential oil and a few drops of vanilla. Pour about one inch of soap mixture into each mold. Put in a drop or so of red food coloring, and mix thoroughly for pink or stir ever so slightly with a toothpick to get a swirly effect. Let soaps harden before removing from molds.

Wrap up in sheer fabric or cellophane like candies, and let your girls know these treats aren’t edible!

Holiday Bathtub Bulbs

No need to unwrap this gift. These sachets are for tossing straight into the tub. Take squares of any meshy fabric (you want it to be porous), and spoon scoops of oatmeal or dried lavender onto the centers. Gather up the edges, and tie with ribbon. These are for one-time use only—they can get moldy if used repeatedly, so add a tag that says so.
And you might want to be generous, and give two or a few to each friend.

-Kelly White
12/18/2008 7:00:00 AM
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