Polka-Dotted iPod case

Get ready to rock on with this rad polka-dot iPod case. These measurements are for an old-school iPod.  Adjust the measurements to fit minis, nanos, cell phones, whatever!

What You'll Need:

Cotton fabric
Furry felt
Straight pins
Matching thread
Sewing needle
Wide ribbon
Large “crystal” dome button
6-inch piece of elastic
Small beads

What You'll Do:

1.    Cut 4-inch-by-5-inch pieces of cotton fabric (we went with polka-dots) and furry felt (for lining).

2.    Match the felt to the cotton, backsides facing in.  Fold ribbon in half lengthwise across a short edge of the matched-up fabrics, and use a blanket stitch to attach, piercing through both sides of ribbon.  Trim ribbon ends.

3.    Cut 4-inch-by-9-inch pieces of cotton and felt.  Match up backsides.

4.    With felt still in place, line front sides of one piece of cotton to the non-ribboned end of the other piece, leaving a 4-inch flap.  Pin around the edges.

5.    Backstitch a 1/4-inch seam along the sides, leaving an opening at the flap.  Turn right side out. 

6.    For flap, fold cotton edges around felt, turning corners in like gift-wrapping.  Pin to hold, then secure with a close overcast stitch without piercing through the other side of the cotton.

7.    Loop elastic, and sew into inside of flap.  Sew button to front of pouch.  For extra pizzazz, string beads and sew to bottom of pouch.
-Kelly White and Jasmen Davis
3/5/2009 7:00:00 AM