Summer Scrapbook: Oh! Those Summer Nights

Hope you've been savin' up those ticket stubs and snappin' those pictures! Now that summer's almost over, wouldn't it be great to scrapbook all the great memories you've made with your BFFs, your family, and even that special summer fling?!
These are the days (and nights!) you don’t want to forget—GL’s here with a few craftin’ tips so you won’t forget any of those awesome vacays, and poolside days.

Summer Souvenirs

The first step in making your Summer Scrapbook is collecting all the ingredients. Even if your summer isn’t over yet, start gathering pictures, movie and concert ticket stubs, plane ticket stubs, seashells, ice cream shop menus, magazine clippings, and anything that been a huge part of your summer. Keep them all together in big bag or box, and continue adding to them until that first day of school’s bell officially rings.

Scrapbook Basics

Next, work on finding and collecting the pieces of your scrapbook. You can either buy a blank scrapbook album from a craft store (depending on the size, these can be anywhere from $10 to $30), or use colored construction paper, cut into 9 by 9 inch squares, for your scrapbook pages. If you go the construction paper route, you’ll need something to tie those pages together: punch two holes a the edge of one side of each page; and when your Summer Scrapbook is finished, use colorful ribbon to connect all the loose construction paper pages.

Pick up some summery stickers if you want to scatter them throughout your scrapbook, and make sure to have a few colorful markers and/or pens handy. Glue, scissors, and tape are a must!

Craft Away

Once summer is officially over, decide an order for your Summer ‘09 Scrapbook that best says “I loved this summer!” to you: the pages of your scrapbook can be in chronological order, in best-day-ever order, or even separated by event (concert section, beach days section, family vacay section).

Finally, it’s time to get workin’! Be sure to title every page or section of pages so that, in a billion years when you’re showing your grandchildren, you’ll remember what all these memories are.  Write a little blurb—just a line or two—about each item that goes into your scrapbook, and always write the names of BFFs (and BFs?!) and family members next to their pictures.

And that’s it! So go ahead, blog it out all you scrapbooking babes—tell us your favorite summer memory, and how you plan on including it in your Summer Scrapbook!


by Katie Peterson | 2/1/2016
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