10 ways to cut cabin fever

Is the weather outside frightful? Well, don’t let it stop you from making your day delightful. GL has 10 awesome ideas that will keep your spirits high even when the temperature is way low.

Make the perfect meal. Fill stomachs and warm the house by turning your home into a restaurant. With a sibling or parent, plan out a menu for the night’s dinner. Spend the afternoon making menus, table settings and the meal itself. And don’t forget to bake the perfect dessert. Or take a couple hours to do your holiday baking. Hey, everyone loves a sugar cookie, even if it’s a little early.

Read, read, read. Big snowstorm? Don’t let that stop you from doing something with your friends. Start an impromptu book club with them as you wait out the cold weather. Choose a book you all have, read it and text as you’re reading along. Discuss it the next time you see each other.

Game on! Host a tournament with neighbors, siblings or cousins. Whether it’s with video games, board games or a mix, keep tally of who wins the most. The victor gets a prize, be it a baked treat, bragging rights or choice of what movie to watch when the games end.

Direct a musical. Musician at heart? Aspiring playwright? Write a musical about the storm outside. Direct and perform it with siblings and neighbors. For songs, see if your siblings or neighbors can incorporate their instruments so your words will have music to them. Can you say impromptu jam sesh?

Write your heart out. Let your mind escape by writing a story about what would happen if your friends were snowed in at school. What would you do? Who would you stick with? Would something happen between you and your crush? Go big because even if it may not be true, but who says you can’t have real fun dreaming?

Flip through old photos or home movies. There’s no better time to take a trip down memory lane than when you’re stuck at home. Ask your mom or dad if they saved anything from when you were little. Not only will they love reminiscing with you, but you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come.

Get crafty. Deck the halls! Make decorations for the upcoming holidays or winter season for your ‘rents to hang around the house. Paper snowflakes, for example, can be hung with fish wire and give any room a frosty-without-the-cold feel.

Work up a sweat. Can’t exercise outdoors? No biggie, work out inside. Run on a treadmill or ask your mom if she has any exercise or yoga videos. Don’t have any of those? Get-up-and-active games like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution are super fun and help keep you moving too.

Plan an event. You may not be able to get together with friends now, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t plan for a sleepover or theme party for when you have some free time. Make cute invites and decide details: will you have a movie marathon for your friends? A tropical party to beat the winter blues? You’ve got the time, think big and craft a strategy to bring it all together.

Pamper yourself. Give yourself the spa treatment. Make a homemade facial mask and give yourself a pedi and manicure. Get your mom involved too and spend the day bonding.

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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016