10 fashion crimes you should never commit

We all do it: commit those unspoken fashion crimes that we fret about forever. But with this list of 10 dont’s and dos, you’ll always be style savvy. 
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    Crime #1: Wearing a dress and flip-flops to a party

    It may feel comfy, but the flip-flops and a dress combo looks a bit sloppy, especially if your flip flops are jelly or rubber. It’s nice to wear comfy kicks, but a pair of flats or casual heels will look much better with a dress. Flip-flops go well with casual dresses but won’t work with a party dress, unless the party’s at the beach!

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    Crime #2: Spending, but never wearing

    Don’t spend gobs of money on a designer item you’ve been wanting for a long time and never ever wear. If ya love something, like those trendy shoes or that pricey dress, don’t let it hang in your closet forever! It’s important to get as much use out of what you bought, whether it’s lipstick or a pair of designer jeans. Fashion’s meant to be worn, even if you have to take it to the dry cleaner every once in a while.

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    Crime #3: Blasphemous beauty

    Sometimes putting everything on is too much. Try toning your makeup down so that it doesn’t overwhelm your face. You can look fab with just a shade of pink lipstick and black mascara. Beauty is all about finding the makeup fit for you and making it look natural.

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    Crime #4: Do it ‘cause they want it

    Don’t dress in something because someone told you to. Never wear that high-low dress ‘cause some guy likes it best on you. Instead, stick to your roots and choose clothes and styles that YOU like. If you continue to please people by dressing how they like, you’re gonna lose your true style and morph into some unknown amalgamation…

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    Crime #5: Too many heels

    Wearing heels when you have to do a lot of walking is never a good idea. If you’re on vacation or in a city, opt for flats or boots. They’ll make your experience more fun because you won’t have to worry about your aching, heel-clad feet. If you can’t bear to be parted from your stilettos, pack an emergency pair of flats in your bag so you can change as soon as your feet begin to hurt.

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    Crime #6: Borrowing babe

    It’s risky to let someone else borrow your clothes, unless they’re someone you can trust (like a BFF or a close cousin). People you don’t know very well may damage or hurt your fave fashions. Make sure you trust the friend that asks to borrow those totally cute pair of heels you have. The same goes for when you want to borrow something of your friends—make sure you aren’t wearing it anywhere where it can be damaged or get dirty. Friendship bracelets are great ways to express your friendship through fashion instead of letting your best bud borrow everything.

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    Crime #7: Asking away

    Asking for something way too expensive from your friends for a holiday or birthday gift is never appropriate. You don’t want to ask for something way outside your friends’ budgets; it’ll seem unfair to them and make you seem unappreciative. Be modest about what you ask for and make sure it’s well in their price-ranges. This goes for parents and relatives, too.

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    Crime #8: Sizing problems

    We know you’re guilty of this: Don’t ever buy something that’s too big or too small just because it’s on sale or the only size in stock. Make sure everything you buy fits you perfectly—you don’t want a too-tight miniskirt or a dress that’s two sizes too big! If ya love something you saw but it wasn’t in your size, it just wasn’t meant to be. That being said, if you really love something that doesn’t fit you perfectly, you can generally take it to a tailor and have it made to fit you.

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    Crime #9: People pleaser

    Don’t buy something because you know your friends or the so-called popular girls will like it. Buying anything that isn’t your style to impress someone else won’t make you happy. Don’t try dressing like anyone else or pleasing them—it isn’t worth the time or effort. Just be you!

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    Crime #10: So what, style?

    Never desert your true style. If you love that banana-print shirt, buy it. If you’re instantly drawn to that bright purple eye shadow, rock it. If you see something you love, don’t pass it up because it’s not “cool” or you think you’d be made fun of if you wore it. If you stick with what you like, you’ll be the most fashionable gal there is, because true style is being yourself!

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by Lindy Wittenberg | 2/1/2016