New York Fashion Week: 5 things I learned


Hey guys, Alexa Curtis here from I just got back from New York Fashion Week and wanted to share my experiences with you! Read on for five things I learned...

Fashion Week has officially ended, which means so long to the days of late night after-parties and mingling alongside celebs at the fashion shows, and hello to catching up on bucket loads of work and lost sleep. On the bright side, NYFW is an event like no other, and at the end of the day, it's one I wouldn't miss for the world (even all the sleep in the world). I came up with another list of tips (after my fourth season of Fashion Week!) that every fashionista should keep in mind if attending shows. The most important one? Have fun! 

Fashion Week Tip #1: Skip the heels

No fashionista likes to be stranded without comfortable shoes, especially when street style photographers are around ready to shoot your next move. Instead of murdering your feet in a pair of fashionable high heels, opt for a simple pair of boots or flats that are both cute but comfy, so you won't be the first person to fall on the steps outside of Lincoln Center and uncover a realm of blisters. If you're focused on wearing a pair of heels, keep a pair of foldable flats handy in your bag, so you can change in between shows. 

Fashion Week Tip #2: Fuel up

I'm a big juice fan: not the sugary ones from the local supermarket, but the fresh ones made with fruit, veggies (like kale and celery) and either chia seeds or some other supplement. These help me get through all shows, and if I don't have time to stop and eat, a green juice will hold me over while adding a nice glow to my face! My favorites are from Juice Generation and Blueprint Cleanse. Though on the pricier side, opt for one of these if you're on the go, or even try making one at home! 

Fashion Week Tip #3: Stand your ground

As more and more people crowd Lincoln Center season after season to get a glimpse of the latest trends to walk the catwalk, the place becomes busier and busier. More lines, less motivation to enjoy sitting inside the tents, and more of a rush to head out so that you don't have to deal with the never-ending lines to get out of the show. If someone tries to take your seat, don't be afraid to take a stand! That is your seat, and no one should take an empty seat until at least 4 minutes before the shows begin and the doors have closed. There is nothing more embarrassing than being told to move your seat because you took someone else's. 

Fashion Week Tip #4: Never worry about time

You may have heard someone say how fashion shows are never on time. That is entirely true. If the invite says the show begins at 1 PM, don't expect it to begin until at least 1:30, at the earliest. Fashion shows always run late, so never let time be a barrier on whether or not to show up. Showing up late can guarantee an even better seating arrangement, so never keep your eyes locked on the clock. 

Fashion Week Tip #5: Don't overbook

I'm THE person who schedules herself to be in three different places at three different times, and never realize until 5 minutes before each show is about to begin. Presentations run longer, so if you're over scheduled, opt for the shows first and the presentations last. Being stressed during such a busy time is not a good idea, and will make you feel overwhelmed and tired, which can lead to forgetting about important events or deadlines. Fashion is work, but still a fun experience. Don't forget to enjoy yourself in the midst of the craziness New York Fashion Week brings along. 

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by Alexa Curtis, guest blogger | 2/1/2016