20 "what were we thinking" fashion moments

Ever look at a picture of yourself and wonder what you were thinking with that outfit? Don’t worry, everyone has regrets about fashion choices they’ve made in their lives. What was a cool trend at the time may be completely out of date or just totally bizarre now. To prove it happens to everyone, we’ve rounded up 20 of our worst “what were we thinking” fashion moments. 


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    Gaucho pants

    With their soft fabric, short flare bottoms and fold-over waistband, we were hooked on these comfy skirt/cropped pants combo! We paired them with sparkly camis and rubber flip-flops. Today, thankfully, our pants have been restored to full length.
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    Velour tracksuits

    A workout just wasn’t complete without a velour tracksuit. We thought we’d look more glam than sweaty in our matching zip-ups and hip-hugging sweats. Bonus points if you had a rhinestone design on the back of your jacket or on the butt of your pants! And if you're like Paris Hilton and haven't gotten the memo that these tracksuits are old news, you can still buy some. Juicy Couture, of course.

    Ornate Monogram Velour Original Jacket, $138,

    Ornate Monogram Velour Pant, $108,

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    Sure, Crocs are a great for a light hike through a wet area, but when it comes to fashion they’re a big no-no now. We wore them all the time in their cool variety of colors and personalized them up with charms that you could stick through the shoes’ many holes.

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    Bedazzled tanks

    The boyfriend’s tank trend quickly evolved to rhinestone-decorated beaters. Your tank top was deemed boring if it didn’t have the right amount of bling. (Ed Hardy, and tigers, and skulls, oh my!)

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    A big part of the grunge look was a rebellious kilt. However, these days, kilts are found more commonly on Catholic schoolgirls and bagpipe players than fashionistas.

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    Shutter shades

    Thanks to Kanye West, shutter shades were all the rage for a bit. However, it was a major challenge to actually see out of these shades, so this trend quickly ended. Phew.

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    Trucker hats

    Honk, honk! These hats were a huge hit. Even top-name designers made their own versions. Blinged out with rhinestones or a cool saying, everyone wanted one of their own. Thankfully, this trend was returned to its rightful owner: actual truck drivers.

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    Puka shell jewelry

    To get the surfer-chic style without actually having to go to a tropical island, we bought puka shell necklaces and earrings. We sacrificed comfort for fashion with this scratchy shell jewelry—that we never took off ('til now, that is). 

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    Fanny packs

    Ok, so maybe they're still a li'l practical at events like music festivals, but fashionable too?! Once the must-have staple of any traveler, fanny packs were the perfect store-all bags while on the go. We’ve taken that weight off our waist now with store-all totes and crossbody bags. 


    Cell Phone Fanny Pack, $35,

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    Knit ponchos

    A cowgirl take on knitwear; ponchos used to be everywhere. We wore it with a turtleneck underneath and flare jeans and the more fringe, the better! We soon traded in this look for something that freed up our arms and actually kept us warm.

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    Cargo capris

    Tomboy or girly girl, cargo capris were perfect for any style. All those pockets were perfect for storing all our stuff! But eventually the bagginess was replaced with the more flattering streamlined look in today's stores.
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    Pageboy hat

    Ok, maybe not quite as bad as the matching denim look Justin and Britney sported at the AMAs in 2001 (we're still trying to forget the horror), but the pageboy hat is def a close second style no-no that Brit-Brit helped popularize. A more stylish version of the baseball cap, the pageboy hat was especially popular with young celebs. The rest of us followed in their footsteps with knitted, suede and hounds tooth styles.

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    Chunky heels combined with easy slip-on style once equaled perfection for girls everywhere. Now they are seen much more on moms or, er, eccentric fashion bloggers.

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    Tank tops over long sleeved shirts

    Two shirts were better than one, or at least that’s what we used to think when layering a tank over your long sleeved shirt was the latest trend. Now, when the temps cool down, we keep our summer tanks tucked away in our closets where they belong. (On another note, how adorable does mini-Miranda look?!)

    Pinned by Jason Bowen

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    Plastic chokers

    The trendiest new take on jewelry used to be the choker. It seemed to add a bit of edge to any outfit in our closets. Different designs, from flowers to small beads, made everyone want to pull one on.

    Tattoo Stretch Choker Necklace, $3,

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    Butterfly clips

    Was that a bug in your hair? Nope, it was a butterfly clip! One butterfly clip was never enough; you had to have at least five for a complete look, just ask Lizzie McGuire, the queen of the butterfly clips and cause of hair-envy everywhere. We used them to clip back bangs or pesky pieces of hair falling out of a ponytail, or sometimes even created a butterfly crown.

    Butterfly Hair Clips, $4,

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    Are they jeans? Are they leggings? Nobody could tell, and that’s what we loved about them. But eventually this confusing style was too much for the average girl to handle.

    Curvy Fit Pull On Jeggings, $49,

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    Zebra print

    This pattern was once hailed as jungle chic. It could be found on plush pillows, scrunchies, and even prom dresses. Thankfully, now cheetah print seems to be taking over zebra's turf.


    Sleeveless Zebra Print Clubwear Dress, $37, 

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    Silly bandz

    For months we all walked around with stacks upon stacks of these rubber bracelets on our wrists. Comparing shapes and colors was a blast for both teens and kids, but we think they were a little too tight to last for long. Ouch!

    Silly Bandz, $3,

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    These went beyond staying warm during the winter when they began to show up during warmer months. Long sleeve, short sleeve or no-sleeve, turtlenecks were everywhere, even on the red carpet! We think they’re now best left to ski season.


by Kelsie Ahern and Bracken Woolley | 2/1/2016