Selfie accessories: Yes, they're a thing!


Selfie queens, unite! Celeb-worthy snaps are now within reach (literally) thanks to a new trend in “selfie accessories.” Yes, this is a real thing—and if you’ve ever struggled to take the perfect self-portrait (or wished your arm was way longer), you’ll understand why we’re a little obsessed. Meet three new game-changers that’ll bring your #iwokeuplikethis and #ootd snaps to the next level. 

The Selfie Brush

From the makers of The Wet Brush (another must-have styling tool) comes The Selfie Brush: a true multitasker that combines an iPhone 5/5s case with a mirror and hairbrush. The beauty to this brush is that while touching up your mane, you can pop in your cell and then hold the brush handle comfortably to get a shot from almost any angle—and it helps that the mirror allows ya to see exactly how you look.


Get the brush here:

The YoBrush

Picture this: You’re sitting on a bench after school waiting for your parents to pick you up. You’re wearing the cutest top and you’ve been getting compliments on it ALL day. So, clearly, you have to take a selfie to document how well the turquoise polka dots complement the blue specks in your eyes. So you grab your phone to snap your look—then catch a glimpse at your reflection and realize your hair is out of control. What’s a girl to do? That’s where Marco Norma’s YoBrush comes in. The YoBrush is an iPhone 5/5s case with brush bristles attached to the back. With this convenient styling tool, you can fix those flyaways in preparation for the sassiest of selfies.


Get the brush here: 

Glam Screen “Selfie Ring” and Stand

The fabulous Jonathan Cheban (you probably know him as Kim Kardashian’s PR guru and bestie) created the Glam Screen Selfie Ring—the perfect tool you can attach to your phone for snapping serious selfies. Just secure the Selfie Ring to the back of your cell, then slip your fingers through to get a great grip from any angle—without having to worry about dropping (and breaking!) your priceless device. We wonder if Kim wishes she had this when she mad her selfie book (yes, that exists, too, and it’s coming out in 2015—check it out here).


Get the ring here: 

OK, time to ‘fess up: Do you take selfies? What’s your best selfie tip for taking the perfect shot? Or are you strictly anti-selfie? Share in the comments!


by Melanie White | 2/1/2016