DIY this weekend: Bleached-out black tee


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Quick: go through your giveaway pile…instead of throwing away all those old t-shirts, you can turn them into cool, trendy tops. Using bleach to dye your old or even new darks will transform your basics into something super fun and different. Here’s a step-by-step list of what you need, and how to accomplish this cool new look.


  • Black or dark piece of clothing (cotton)
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Dishwashing gloves
  • Masking tape (optional)
  • Cardboard (small enough able to fit inside clothing item)
  • Large garbage bag


1. Open the garbage bag and cut open seams to make it larger. Once bag is cut and opened, lay it on a flat surface outdoors. Stay clear of household surfaces like tables and floors, since bleach can harm them.

2. Take your cotton top and fit the piece of cardboard inside, so the top lays flat. Using cardboard as an inner layer makes the process easier by keeping the back and front separate so you have more control. Lay the top and cardboard combo onto the garbage bag, and get ready to start dyeing! 

3. (optional) If you want more than just the splatter look, get creative with some masking tape. Use the masking tape to tape out a design, block out a side or mark off sections you do not want to be bleached. If you want to stick with the splattered look, skip the tape. 

4. Put the dishwashing gloves on your hands, fill your spray bottle with 50% water, and 50% bleach. Place cap on and shake to mix the water and bleach thoroughly. 

5. Start sprayin’! Start out slow and keep the spray bottle about a foot from the garment. Don’t completely drench the garment in the first couple minutes, because you wont be able to control the pattern as well if it’s completely soaked right away.

Pick a side or sections to spray heavily, and then lighten the splatter in other sections. Try to create a gradient with the bleach transformation.

6. Once you feel satisfied with your spraying, let the garment dry for 20-30 min. Once it is mostly dry, remove the garment from the cardboard and remove any tape. Then throw it into the washing machine alone, using a small amount of soap. Toss it in dryer and your new bleach-dyed garment is finished and ready to wear!


by Georgia Caroline Milton | 2/1/2016