DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces for your table

Are you sad that Halloween crafting is over and gift-wrapping is still too far away? We’ve got you covered. Impress all of your relatives this Thanksgiving with these adorable homemade centerpieces for the dinner table.


  • 1_pumpkinvase.jpg

    Pumpkin vase

    Just because Halloween’s over doesn’t mean that pumpkin season is. Now you can use one as a beautiful decoration instead of a scary one.

    What you'll need:

    • 1 pumpkin
    • 1 flower vase
    • 1 carving knife
    • 1 large spoon
    • Water
    • Flowers with stems (real or fake)


    1. Place your vase top-down on the pumpkin. 

    2. With a pen or sharpie, trace a circle around the vase then remove the vase.

    3. Using a knife, follow the sharpie and cut a circle in the top of the pumpkin. Cut a bit bigger than the circle you drew to make sure the vase will fit inside the pumpkin.

    4. Remove the top of the pumpkin, and clean the inside with a large spoon.

    5. Now, place the vase top-up inside the pumpkin. It should fit in the hole you cut and the open part of the vase should be sticking out of the top of the pumpkin.

    6. Fill the vase with a bit of water and flowers until you can’t see it anymore, and ta-da, it looks like your flowers are growing out of the pumpkin!

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  • 2_pinecone.jpg

    Pinecone arrangement

    Turn a normal candle into a fancy table arrangement with this super simple DIY. Chances are you already have the materials.

    What you'll need:

    • 1 candle
    • 1 vase for candle
    • 1 large bowl
    • Lots of pinecones (craft stores sell them, but you can find them outside!)


    1. Place your candle into a vase

    2. Place the vase in the center of a large, sturdy bowl

    3. Fill the empty space in the bowl with pinecones and any other autumn trinkets you’d like.

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  • 3_candleholders.jpg

    Pumpkin candleholders

    Ever look at those baby pumpkins and gourds and wonder what are they good for? They’re not big enough to carve, but they’re perfect as homemade candleholders to fill your Thanksgiving table!

    What you'll need:

    • Mini pumpkins
    • Flowers (real or fake)
    • Hot glue gun
    • Scissors
    • Knife & spoon
    • Taper candles


    1. Make sure the outside of the pumpkin is clean, then cut a hole around the stem.

    2. Make sure it is large enough for the candle to fit through, but too large that the candle will be loose.

    3. Pull off the top and clean out the inside with a large spoon.

    4. Using a glue gun, glue down flowers, leaves, etc. around the opening of the pumpkin.

    5. Insert the candlestick, and use hot glue to secure it if necessary. 

    Check out the complete how-to at:

  • 4_winebottle.jpg

    Wine bottle vase

    Talk about recycling! Take your parents’ empty wine bottles and turn them into festive homemade vases.

    What you’ll need:

    • Empty glass bottles
    • Spray paint (colors of your choice)
    • Newspaper
    • Stencil or Sharpie paint
    • Tall flowers or wheat stalks


    1. Take the bottles outside, and place them upright on top of newspaper to avoid staining the ground or table with paint.

    2. Using a spray paint bottle, spray around the entire bottle until it is coated.

    3. Let it dry for a couple of hours. 

    4. Once dry, spray paint words through a stencil, or hand draw your own design/words.  

    5. Fill the bottle with flowers, wheat, branches or any other fall nature item. 

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  • 5_turkeyfruitkabob.jpg

    Turkey fruit kabob

    Who doesn’t love a decoration that you can eat? Nothing more fitting than a turkey centerpiece for Turkey Day! You can get creative with this craft and use whatever ingredients you want--but check out the steps below for how to make the one in this pic.

    What you'll need:

    • 1 pumpkin or large melon (honeydew or cantaloupe)
    • Lots of wooden skewers
    • 1 pear
    • 2 apples
    • 1 block of cheddar cheese
    • Honeydew melon
    • 1 carton of strawberries
    • Grapes


    1. Cut the cheese and melon into cubes, cut the apples into slices.

    2.Carefully stick the skewers into the pumpkin in rows like above, to make them look like feathers.

    3. Alternate placing cheese, melon, and a grape on the skewers until they’re almost full, then put a strawberry on top. 

    4. Break some skewers in half and put apple slices on them. Add these in front of the fruit for a shorter row of feathers.

    5. Put one end of a skewer deep into a pear and put the other end into the pumpkin to secure it. Turn it upside down so it looks like a head.

    6. Add a triangle of cheese to the pear for a beak, and make a hat out of construction paper if you want an extra touch.  

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by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016