Keep your white sneakers looking brand-new

White sneaks are a classic footwear staple, but let's face it—they’re tough to maintain, because after one day of fun they’re already covered in scuffs and grass stains. You can't avoid it, but you can fix it! Read on to learn how to clean up your white sneaks like a pro.

For major stains

You can use stain remover pens and sprays like Tide to Go and Shout on fabric sneakers just like you would on your clothes. If your shoes are solid colored and fabric, you can wash them in the washing machine (don’t do it with patterned sneaks or the pattern may bleed). Make sure to use *cold* water, and as tempting as it may be to use bleach, don’t. It wears down the fabric, and your daily wear is already doing that enough as it is. If the rubber soles are making a ruckus banging around in the washer, throw some towels in to stifle it. When the shoes are done, don’t put them in the dryer. Let ‘em air out in the sun—sunshine serves as a natural, non-damaging bleach!

To unscuff rubber soles

Most scratches should come off when scrubbed with soapy water. But if they don’t, use a little rubbing alcohol (don’t do this too much, though, or it could damage the rubber).  

If your sneaks are leather

Obviously, you’ve got to be a bit more careful with sneakers made from a material other than fabric.  Believe it or not, cleaning leather sneaks can be as easy as brushing your teeth—literally. Wipe the sneaks so they’re only slightly wet, then scrub the scratches with a toothbrush and, yes, toothpaste.  Wipe ‘em off with a moist cloth again and let them dry. Dry a bit with a towel and then let them air out, but, unlike with canvas sneaks, don’t leave them in the sun.

Do you love white sneakers?  How do you keep yours fresh?

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016