The secret to stacking rings right


Why rock one band when you could layer on tons of tiny rings? We're showing you exactly how to stack those slivers of silver, gold and stones to create a vibe that's cute and custom (but not totally crazy). Circle up, girls...things are about to get seriously shiny.

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    Sometimes simple is best. Start with a few of gold or silver rings of different sizes and slip them on. Remember: keep a couple fingers "blank" to keep it from being too dramatic.

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    Whether your mom gave you an heirloom or you just *love* a dramatic cocktail ring, pairing couple BFF rings (you know, the kind that go together no matter what) makes those big stones feel fresh.

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    We love mixing midi rings with modern stones and bands. This chick sticks with a gorgeous color scheme and open bands, which keep it from feeling heavy.  

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    Chunky, bohemian rings may be dramatic, but they don't have to fly solo. This serious stack works so well for a few reasons. First, she sticks with all silver and a single accent color (ah, that blue is soo beautiful!). Then, she tosses in a couple slim, midi rings that keep here fingers from looking doused in metal. Finally, the bracelets play so perfectly off the rings that the whole vibe becomes a statement. 

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by Eunah Cho | 2/1/2016