Fairytale fancies slumber party

Take a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s songbook and make today (or tomorrow, or the next day) a fairytale. Whether you spring for the whole party or pull out bits and pieces every so often, we firmly believe every girl needs a little fairytale romance—and fun—in her life.

This is your chance to go old-school cute ‘n’ corny. Remember when you had the Beauty and the Beast birthday party but you couldn’t stop thinking about those gorge Cinderella invites at the drugstore? Now’s the time to pick up the Disney princess cards that call out your name and send ‘em off oh-so-proudly to your bestest buds.

Set the scene
Canopies, fluffy pillows, pretty colors, lotsa light—that’s my idea of a room right out of a fairytale. Transform the rooms you and your gang will be hanging in into a paradise fit for the princesses you are. Whether that means streamers, elegant forts (think the bedroom tent in The Holiday) or lots of sparkling candles, go all out to make it feel like a home away from home.

Princess power playlist
Whether you’re gossiping, doing each other’s hair, chowin’ down or dancing up a storm, you’ve gotta have tunes to keep you rockin’ all night long. Here are a few of our thematic faves:

“Today Was a Fairytale” – Taylor Swift
“Fairytale” – Sara Bareilles
“Brick by Boring Brick” – Paramore
“Love Story” – Taylor Swift
“Ever Ever After” – Carrie Underwood
“That’s How You Know” – Amy Adams (Enchanted)

…and your favorite Disney songs, of course!

Story time
Even if you’re not a writer, we’re betting you can spin a yarn or two about the mushy, sappy, super-sweet romance between you and the guy of your dreams. Supply everyone with lined paper and fun pencils or pens (We like ones with feathers on the end. Just sayin’.) and let them daydream the afternoon away.

Can you say “movie marathon”?
‘Cause we sure can! Pull out your favorite princess-y, fairytale-y movies—or have each bud bring her fave—and watch ‘em all night long. My favorites are: Ever After, A Knight’s Tale, The Princess Bride, Penelope, Anastasia and Beauty and the Beast.

Tell me, girlies: What’s your favorite fairytale?

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by GL | 2/1/2016