Model behavior: 5 tips for the best at-home photoshoot EVER

Whether you're taking bathroom selfies or striking a pose for your senior pics, there's nothing more fun than a photoshoot. This weekend, why not grab your besties and go all-out with your own at home? Try out some dramatic makeup looks, go costume-cool, or even just produce the best-ever profile matter what your mood, it's the perf way to spend a girls' night in.
Ready for your close-up? We sat down with GL photographer Sean Scheidt for the best #nofilter tips and tricks.

1. Have a camera you're comfortable using.

Odds are you'll be using your phone, but if you have a super-cool cam, make sure you know what you're doing. No one wants a photographer who is fumbling around with equipment and missing that perf candid moment.

2. Pre-plan your shoot.

Cruise Insta,  Pinterest and your favorite magazines to help shape your vision. Love that rustic cowgirl-chic look? Gather some awesome accessories and head out to your aunt's farm. Want to get *really* into it? Create a mood board or collection of images that set the tone for your shoot.

3. Control your scene.

You're the director, so you're in control. If something is totally throwing you off (like your brother's XBox, for instance), ask if you can remove it. A blah background can ruin any picture, no matter how fab the subject.

4. Set the mood with a playlist.

"I aim for music that goes along with the vibe of what I'm shooting," said Sean.  "If it's a bright, colorful shoot, play some pop music. If it's a more dramatic shot, play something more serious."

5. Lighting is everything.

If you're shooting outside, the best time is called "The Golden Hour." This is early morning as the sun is coming up, or in the afternoon as the sun is coming down. Make sure the lighting flatters the person or thing you're shooting, and avoid direct overhead lighting. Shade goes a long way.


Do you ever have photoshoots with your friends? What are your best tips and tricks? Let us know below!


by Ilana Bernstein | 2/1/2016