Throw a sweet sundae party for National Ice Cream Day


July 17 is National Ice Cream Day so it's the perfect time to host the *coolest* ice cream sundae party ever. Here's some of our favorite ideas to help you and your besties celebrate!

1. Create an over-the-top sundae bar.

When it comes to ice cream sundaes, everyone knows the bigger the better. Lay out various flavors of ice cream and every topping you can think of. Your guests will love that they can mix and match all of their favorite treats.

2. Want something healthier? Try making homemade “nice cream."

For a lighter but still delicious option, whip up some “nice cream”, a fruit filled dessert that's super easy and only requires a few ingredients. Try this recipe.

3. Decorate with adorable DIY ice cream decor. 

A party is never complete without festive decorations. Keep the theme going with these ice cream cone balloons or ice cream garland!

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

What you need: balloons, cardstock, black marker, curly ribbon


1. Blow up different colored balloons and tie them to the ribbon.

2. On cardstock, draw crisscrossing lines to make a waffle pattern.

3. Wrap the cardstock in a cone shape around the balloon and tape as needed.


Ice Cream Garland

What you need: different colored cardstock, honeycomb balls (which you can buy here), glue, twine


1. Cut the sheets of cardstock in half and wrap them in a cone shape.

2. Line the inside rim of the cone with glue and place the honeycomb balls on top.

3. Take pieces of twine and attach them to each side of the cones, connecting all of them.


4. Play a sweet game.

After you've enjoyed tons of ice cream, play 'Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone'. Blindfold your friends and hand them one of the paper cherries with a piece of tape on the back. Spin them around a few times and ask them to place the cherry where they think the top of the ice cream is. Whoever's the closest wins! You can find the printable ice cream cone and cherries here


How are you going to celebrate National Ice Cream day? Will you be throwing an ice cream party?

Photo credit: Instagram, Oh Happy Day, The Chic, Capturing Joy


by Emily Mullin | 7/15/2016