Survive Halloween night with our stay-safe secrets


Lots of Halloween costume parties are coming up this month, with candy and spooky decorations and everyone dressed as Harley Quinn or Harambe. We’re all super excited for the season, but it’s also a time to remember that while Halloween is fun, it can also literally be scary. Always be careful...follow our tips to make it home safe on October 31.

1. Don’t eat unwrapped candy. Besides just general grossness, unwrapped candy is never a good thing to eat. So when your friend has a bowl of candy out at her party and one of the Kit Kat bars is half-opened, throw it out. You never know whose hands have touched it. Yuck.

2. Wear a practical outfit. We all want to have the *cutest* costume this year, but make sure you can actually move around in it. A giant tutu or a mask might make it a little difficult to dance at your bestie’s party or roam the streets while trick-or-treating, which means a bigger chance of hurting youself.

3. Never go off on your own. If your friends are having a party, stay at the party. If your friends are trick-or-treating, stick with your group. And keep your phone on you so you can always call your bestie, or your mom, if you run into an issue. Plus, what’s the fun of being at the party or getting candy alone anyways? 

4. Have a change of clothes. As fab as you look in your Wonder Woman costume, you might not want to wear that the entire time you’re partying at your BGF’s house. Bring a favorite pair of leggings and a t-shirt to feel more comfy, and to make it more practical when you’re on your way home.

5. Be careful with decorations. While Halloween parties the most fun to decorate for, it's tough in your costume to avoid cobwebs and candles. Keep an eye out for your surroundings. 

6. Watch the street. While you’re having a great time running through the streets getting candy with your friends, remember that people driving are also probably having a good time tonight, and might not be paying close attention to the road. If your costume is dark, be sure to use a bag for candy that’s bright, or attach some reflective tape to it.

How do you stay safe on Halloween? Tell us about it in the comments!

Photo credit: We Heart It.


by Amy Garcia | 10/14/2016