20 excuses to throw a party

There's nothing wrong with celebrating the little things, and really, a party is the best way to do that. Besides, who says you need a reason to throw a party, anyway? Here are 20 things that are *totally* worth celebrating.

1. Your BFF aced her chem exam. All that's left: acing the post-test plans. 

2. You set a new record on your mile-time. Gather your gals for some healthy snacks.

3. You powered through midterms. Really, give us a reason *not* to celebrate this one.

4.  You nailed that tough dance move. Show it off at a dance party.

5. You finished that mind-numbing essay. Give yourself a break and have a movie night.

6. Your big sis passed her driving test. This calls for poppers, streamers, the whole shebang!

7. You finished your latest read. Time for some celebratory cupcakes.

8. It's your dog's birthday. Give that pup a paw-ty.

9. It's your half birthday. Half birthdays need love, too.

10. You finished your art project with two days to spare. What else would you do with that extra time?

11. You made a new friend. Nothing says fun like introducing a new bud to your gals.

12. You joined a new club. Invite all the peeps over and get to know em' better.

13. Your fave movie just came out on DVD. Viewing party, anyone?

14. You have a day off from school. How about a no-homework theme?

15. You scored your first job. Career-goal costume party for the win.

16. You've perfected the French mani. Share your skills at a spa night.

17. Your boyfriend made honor roll. Cinnamon roll parties are wildly underrated.

18. Your BFF snagged a spot on the team. Sunday night football, snacks and games, please.

19. You learned how to skateboard. Hooray for coordination!

20. You taught your dog a new trick. Let's see if she'll do it around company.

What's your best excuse for throwing a party? Share in the comments! 

by Julia Bonney | 11/11/2016
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