Hack your last-minute Thanksgiving party fails


It's Thanksgiving morning and everything's all ready to go...except where are the napkin rings from last year? Cue your mom freaking out because *something* is not going according to plan. Stress less, though, girls. We've got all the last-minute saves for your Turkey Day festivities from major fails to minor details.

Everyone is coming in 20 minutes, and the house is a war zone. 
Do a quick sweep and hide whatever doesn't belong (aka move your big brother's soccer cleats out of the kitchen and into his room). Wipe down counters and tables, run a vacuum over the dining room floor and light a few fresh-scented candles. And remember, the holiday is supposed to be about enjoying your fam, not showing off a spotless space. No one is going to judge you if things aren't perfect. 

Your third cousin once removed showed up an hour early. Awkward
Put him/her to work! Chances are, you're still getting everything ready for when the rest of the relatives arrive. Give any early guests a task, like setting the table or mashing the potatoes. If there isn't much left to be done, turn on the football game or challenge him/her to a game of Scattergories.  

Your mom is making pumpkin pie...but she forgot to buy butter. 
Fortunately, with veganism becoming a bigger trend, finding a recipe that doesn't use butter or milk (or whatever you might have forgotten) is pretty easy. Try this one or substitute coconut oil for butter in your crust.


Uh-oh, your little bro just spilled his grape juice on the white tablecloth.
No problem. Grab a roll of brown kraft paper and spread it across the table. Then lay out colorful permanent markers...your guests will love the opportunity to doodle, leave little notes and even play a game of tic-tac-toe with their seatmate. 

You have *nothing* to wear to dinner. 
Our tip? Keep it comfy. Now is not the time to wear those super tight skinnies or that shirt that you don't feel 100% confident in. Leggings with boots and a cute, flowy dress is always a good choice. Just pick something forgiving to accomodate that food baby you're sure to have!

You can't find the place cards from last year, or the napkin rings. 
There are so many quick and easy DIYs for whipping up pretty table-toppers. We like these printable leaves and these toilet paper rings the most. And if you're looking for a centerpiece? Get creative with anything you have lying around the house from pumpkins/gourds to leaves to elegant vases.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Let us know your fun plans in the comments! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 11/24/2016
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