Throw the *best* Christmas cookie decorating party


Is there anything more "Christmas" than piles and piles of delicious cookies? Uh, no. Chocolate crinkle, peanut butter blossom, gingerbread, sugar, red velvet cheesecake, peppermint mocha...the list goes on and on. While you can make cookies on your own, it's even *more* fun to make 'em with your buds. This week, host a cookie decorating party for you and your besties to celebrate the season. All you have to do is follow these tips:

Bake ahead of time. This is a cookie decorating party, not a cookie baking party. If you wait until your guests arrive to put the dough in the oven, it won't cool off in time to decorate. Make your cookies the night before so they're all ready when your girls ring the doorbell. We recommend making one dozen for each guest. Stick to your go-to sugar cookie recipe, or try one of our picks.

Prep the delish decorations. The key here is variety. Think: different colored frostings, sprinkles galore, red hots, chopped up candies, M&Ms, etc. There's no such thing as too much! You can also have your guests each bring a fun topping as their "entrance fee".  

Be organized. Have everything laid out at the table when your friends show up. Set up a station for each girl complete with the cookies, a plate for decorating and the bowls of toppings spread out across the table (or use the muffin tin hack above!). It will make everything run much smoother.

Don't forget the goody bags! The *real* reason everyone loves cookie parties? Sure, the company is great but you also get to leave with a bunch of yummy treats. Feel free to use regular gallon Ziploc bags for girls to package their finished goodies...or go the extra step and pick up some cute cookie bags or festive boxes at your local craft store. Pinterest also has a lot of great DIY package ideas (we love this DIY Pringles can). 

Have you ever had or been to a cookie decorating party? Let us know below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 12/21/2016
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