Share the love with these 10 DIY V-Day cards


Handing out Valentine's Day cards to your friends (and maybe even that cutie you've had your eye on) is a *must*. And while store-bought cards are nice, sometimes you just want to make your own for that extra special touch. Here are our picks for cute-as-can-be cards that you can make in time for your next V-Day party.

Give them butterflies with this card that's not only cute, but clever as well. (And there’s candy, which is always a plus!).

If you want to steer clear of the candy this Valentine’s Day, go with this superhero alternative. It comes with a cute band that your friends can wear long after February 14th.

This is one of our absolute favorites. You’ll probably need parental supervision for this one, but it’s a fun DIY that your parents will be happy to help with.

This delicious Valentine is *perfect* for your school party.

These bracelets are easy to construct, and they’re super adorable. Take a few hours out of your schedule and make a bunch for your besties. 

We all loved the idea of a message in a bottle as a kid, so why not turn that into a DIY Valentine? You’ll impress your friends and give them a cute keepsake for years to come. 

If you have a BFF who's a total beauty fanatic, this is the perfectly kissable card. 

This one might take you a few tries, but your practice will pay off in the end with an intricate Origami style note.

What's great about this sweet snowglobe is that it can double as room decor for whoever you give it to. 

Candy is one of the *best* parts of Valentine’s Day, so why not include it in your card (or, well, box)? 

Have you ever made your own Valentine's Day cards? Let us know what you did below! 

by Kaila L. | 1/26/2017
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