Yes, yoga parties are a's how to throw one


A yoga-themed party is the *perfect* way to turn your next get-together into a night you and your gals will never forget. Not to mention, it'll bring you one step closer to finding the yoga studio of your dreams. From a fun feel-good class to adorable inspired manis, this party has everything you need for the best yoga bash ever.

Start with a yoga class.
Gather your gals and put on your cutest workout clothes for a day on the town (er, well, mat). Go to a local yoga class and let the fun begin. There are so many types of yoga, so pick something fun you and your friends have never tried like hatha or bikram or even aerial. Maybe it'll become your new weekend tradition. 

Make some healthy snacks.
Exercise really works up an appetite, doesn't it? In fact, feeding your body with nutritious foods after a strenuous workout is essential. Instead of grabbing a couple bags of chips on the way home, turn snack time into a party of its own. Try out these yummy apples with peanut butter or a strawberry mango spring smoothie.

Play board games.
After an exhilirating yoga class, it's nice to wind down by playing cards or breaking out your favorite board game. Put on some of your favorite tunes, kick back and let the post-yoga festivities begin! Uno tournament, anyone?

Try yoga-inspired manis.
Have you ever heard of matching your nail color to your yoga mat? We have, and it's *amazing*. Take your look over the top by color-coordinating, or check out this adorable yoga-inspired manicure.

Have you ever visited a yoga class? Are you excited to try out this party? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 4/27/2017
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