Your Super Bowl LII party guide is here!

If you're like us, you're beyond stoked to watch Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Feb. 4. It's not just the game that'll be beyond-exciting, but Justin Timberlake's comeback performance at the halftime show!

Even more exciting than the game and the performances? These touchdown-worthy party tricks! Before you gather 'round the flat screen, prep these fab ideas for an exciting night of football—no matter if you're rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots.

Best sammies ever

Have bite-sized foods like these sandwiches to serve in between plays.

Quarterback snack attack

This snack food tray is so awesome your friends are gonna want you to make it every Sunday—game or no game!

No fumble food table

Obviously you'll need a spot for all your delish treats. So, decorate your food table using an inflatable field for a super festive flair.

And the winner is...

No Super Bowl would be complete without a winner. This DIY trophy is the perfect reward for whoever's, erm, the most invested (aka yells the loudest) in the game.

Perfect player eye stickers

Get everyone in the game day spirit using these face stickers!

Kickoff cupcakes

These adorable football cupcakes are super creative—and an excuse to eat some chocolate that night.

Fair catch cups 

Draw lines on brown cups to look just like footballs!

End zone island drink

These drinks using straws as a field goal are exactly what we need to recharge after all of that dancing in the end zone.

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl this year? Let us know below?


by Victoria Hill | 1/25/2018