This Valentine's Day gift exchange is just like Secret Santa—but better

This Valentine’s Day we thought we’d put a heart-shaped spin on a classic game. Secret Valentine is a play on Secret Santa with a couple of differences. We’ve made this game a week-long event that leads up to an amazing reveal party with all of your friends!

Shoot Cupid's arrow
The week before Valentine’s Day (so, like, now!), write down all of your friends' names on cute heart-shaped cards and have each bud pick out of a hat. This is the perfect time to explain any rules that you have. Some good ideas are to set a price limit (like no more than $20) or make a pact to not switch picks. 

Spread the love
This is where the fun starts! For each of the five days leading up to Valentine’s Day, everyone must leave a small gift on their Valentine’s locker or desk. These gifts are meant to be teasers. You can have them all be in theme with the final gift, or have them be hints to who you are. Remember: These gifts should be small, like a mini poem written on a cute card, their favorite candy bar, or a sweet treat.

The big reveal
Now it's time for the real party! Everyone meets up for an awesome Valentine's Day bash, full of games, food and great decor. When all the guests arrive, everyone goes around and tries to guess their secret Valentine! Each person reveals themselves and explains why they chose their gifts. After the reveal everyone gets to enjoy the awesome party!

What would be the perfect Valentine's gift for you? Tell us in the comments!


by India Afriyie | 2/5/2020