Upgrade your goodie bags with these amaze ideas

No more boring goodie bags with cheap candy or a yoyo. It's time to upgrade your goodie bags with one of these fun ideas for party favors.

The look
A brown paper bag isn’t going to wow you or your guests. You want them to feel special and you want to show them you're happy they came. Fab up the goodie bag with one of these:

For the unicorn party theme:

Nothing says FUN like rainbows and unicorns. For how to make or buy these bags click here

For the all-American summer theme:

Your guests will cool off with these sweet slices. Check out these fun bags here:

The candy sitch
Smarties and Tootsie Rolls should no longer be your go-tos! There are other candies out there to make your bags the *best*! Personalize M&M’s, grab a mixed bag of different candies or buy color coordinating candy to your theme. There are lots of options to fufill everyone's sweet tooth!

All the rest
Before you go back to your old faves of bouncy balls and yoyo's, think of the party's theme. If it is art themed for example, fill the bag with crayons. craft supplies, even fun colored candy to resemble a painting pallette. If it is sports themed, fill the bag with sports printed headbands, soccor ball decorated cookies or stickers.

There are tons of ideas of what to fill your goodie bags just have to be creative!


by Emmy Villiger | 5/29/2018
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