How to be the life of *any* party (TBH, it's easier than you think)

The holiday season is full of festive fun—and while parties can be amazing, they can also be overwhelming and *totally* draining. 

For those moments when you're feeling shy, introverted or just like you'd rather be curled up watching The Knight Before Christmas than being introduced to your BFF's third cousin's boyfriend's sister...don't fret, we've got advice to tackle any fête and go from wallflower to superstar.

Tip 1: Ask questions.

It might seem hard to strike up a convo with a perfect stranger, but here's the truth: People love to talk about themselvesCome with a series of convo starters: What's your favorite animal? Have you traveled anywhere recently? What's your dream job? and ask away. Just make sure you're making eye contact and listening as they answer—don't look at your phone or glance around the room. 

Tip 2: Start a group activity.

From charades to karaoke, the options are endless—involve everyone in the fun by immersing yourselves in a game. Working together on a team helps build healthy competition, bond you to your teammates and get to know new people and their hidden talents. Before you know it, you'll be making memories to last a lifetime! 

Tip 3: Bond over food.

Since everyone *loves* Christmas cookies and chocolate cake, there's no better way to meet potential friends than hanging out by the refreshments. Make recommendations or ask for a plate of what they're having—it's a perfect way to connect over your fave treats and what you have in common. 

Tip 4: Ditch your phone.

Technology seems to connect us—yet, at an IRL gathering, it can make possible connections feel more distant than ever. After all, why talk to a new friend when you can text your bestie three states away? Here's the thing: When you put your phone away, you look more approachable and can give your entire focus to the people around you. Leave the phone behind and swap texting for talking—you'll be the life of the party in no time.

How do you handle holiday parties? Comment below!


by Katherine Hammer | 12/3/2019