How to throw the best surprise party for your BFF

Do you have a very special birthday coming up for one of your closest friends? Want to do something a little over-the-top to absolutely make their day? It seems like a surprise party is the perf choice for you! Grab a few of your closest pals and start brainstorming! We've got you covered when it comes to the basics.

The where

One of the most difficult parts of planning a surprise party is the "where" aspect. You need to get your bestie out of a space in order to decorate it—but make sure that when she walks back in, she won't expect a thing. Stick to a familiar place such as their house or a classic hangout spot. This is where siblings can really come in handy! Call one of their sisters or brothers and ask if they can get in on the plan. Once your special bestie is out of the house... sneak in and start the set up! She'll never expect a thing.

Don't act suspicious

Try to keep daily tasks as normal as possible. The more you and your friends talk about their special night or randomly change plans at the last second, you'll give up all your secrets. Make a group chat with all the party planners and coordinate through there. Keep things on the major DL and try to breathe... bc it's all gonna be perfect,


Keep it simple

Planning and setting up parties can be really fun, but don't get too carried away with Mom's credit card! Keep things simple—surprise parties are amazing and super thoughtful on their own. No matter what decorations are up, your bestie will fall in love with everything you've helped plan. Stick to some simple streamers for the doorway and an ah-dorable cake (homemade is best, obvi).

Focus on them

Remember, the whole point of throwing this party is to make your best friend feel like the center of attention. We want to make sure that the focus is on them and that they're obsessed with their night. Centralize all games, activities, and events around what they like to do and keep checking in to make sure they're having fun. RELAX! You did it! Now go party with your BFFs.


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by Rhys Rudolph | 9/19/2022