Your step-by-step schedule for the ultimate New Year's Eve

New year, new epic party! We're breaking down the five hours leading up to midnight mayhem (just not the T Swift version). Your NYE celebration will have your friends posting on their Insta stories for days to come. From the moment the squad arrives to the minute the ball drops, we've planned a no-fail evening of fun, friendship and fond memories you'll remember forever.

8 p.m.


Your besties are going to start arriving at any moment, so it's time to make sure everything is in party mode. Pop on your sequin mini dress, queue up your expertly-crafted party playlist and turn on the fairy lights, bc you've got some serious ringing in the new year to do—that is, after your squad rings the doorbell to join you first. 

9 p.m.


Now that you're dressed to the 9's (see what we did there?), it's time to take some pics! Break out the 2023 balloons (and the sparkly backdrop, ofc) and get to posing. For an extra cute addition, pick up a disposable camera at your local drugstore and snap some shots with that, too. When you get the pics developed they'll give the *best* Y2K vibes. 

10 p.m.


Every successful party has an activity to keep your guests entertained. For your fabulous NYE party, we're making vision boards. Not only is it fun to dream and manifest all that you're going to accomplish and experience during the new year, but now all your friends have a souvenir to remind them of this incredible night!

11 p.m.


Did someone say sparkling cider? Oh, that was us. An hour before midnight is the perfect time to break out those fancy glasses (the ones you're only allowed to use for *really* special occasions) and fill them to the brim with some Martinelli's. After all, nothing says NYE like sparkles!

12 p.m.


3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR! When the clock strikes twelve, you'll want some confetti poppers to help you celebrate. The photo ops? Endless. Don't spend too much time experiencing midnight through your camera, though—live in the moment! It's time to celebrate all the wonderful moments from 2022 and get ready for 365 chances to live your best life in 2023.

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer and Riley Yates | 12/30/2022