GL FOOD: Banana Pops


Craving something creamy and cold but want to stay on the Healthfood Highway that you have been cruisin’ since your New Year’s resolution? You’ll go bananas over these simple and sweet fruit pops. Bonus… bananas are loaded Potassium, which gives a MAJOR boost to brain activity and muscle functions. Good and good for you.


3 firm bananas
6 oz. of dark, white, or milk chocolate
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
½ cup of sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts, dried fruit etc.
Popsicle sticks


• Cut bananas in half. Insert popsicle stick into the cut part of the banana. Place on a parchment sheet lined baking try and put into the freezer. Let them freeze for an hour until they are quite firm.
• Melt the vegetable oil and your chocolate in a microwave safe container. Make sure you heat it just enough so it melts but doesn’t burn (about a minute or so). Stir halfway through.
• Dip the bananas into the chocolate so that it is well covered.
• Quickly roll the banana through whichever topping you want
• Put the bananas back onto the baking sheet and freeze for another hour.

by Jana Konys

1/25/2008 2:30:03 PM
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