The weirdest food combos that actually taste good (seriously)


Have you ever wondered how some foods will taste if you ate them together...but never dared to try? We've taste-tested some weird and wacky combos that are *actually* tasty, trust. See which ones you would be brave enough to eat below...

Coca Cola + chicken
This sweet and spicy wings recipe (made with Coke) is perfect for your next backyard barbecue or party at home. It's literally finger-licking good.

Blueberries + steak
Enjoy a super yummy salad with this blueberry and steak recipe. It's healthy, a little bit sweet and will keep you full for hours.

Eggs + yogurt
This sounds weird but it just might be your new favorite way to eat eggs for breakfast. Try this poached egg in yogurt recipe and see for yourself.

Avocado + chocolate
This combination is becoming more and more common...for good reason. This avocado chocolate mousse recipe will satisfy *any* sweet tooth. 

Bacon + peanut butter
There's usually no other dynamic sandwich duo like peanut butter and jelly—but bacon and peanut butter might be the next big thing. Try this peanut butter, honey, banana and bacon sandwich recipe  if you're ever craving something different in your sandwich.

Dark chocolate + parmesan cheese
Chocolate and cheese on a sandwich? Apparently, science suggests that dark chocolate is the best combination for cheese and even brings out its flavor. If you're curious about it, you can try this recipe

Ice cream + French fries
If you're ever at McDonald's and get a McFlurry and French fries, try eating them together. There's no recipe needed for this perfect sweet and salty combination that you need in your life.

Broccoli + Cheetos 
Both of these sound so opposite—one is super healthy and the other, well, not so much. But we believe this recipe is the definition of a balanced diet.

What's a weird food combo that you love? Share below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.

by Timi Awoyinka | 4/22/2018
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