Surprise your fam with these Cinco de Mayo cookies

Cinco de Mayo, aka the fifth of May in Spanish, is the annual celebration of the Mexican army’s victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla. While the usual parades and parties are postponed, you can still celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a key part of any celebration: food. Make it a Taco Tuesday or try a more traditional recipe with the fam, but make sure to leave room for dessert. Cinco de Mayo-themed cookies are the sweet treat you need rn. Dust off your baking sheets and peep some major cookie inspo below.

Burro Piñatas

Photo: SheKnows
These colorful cookies hold a sweet surprise—they’re stuffed with mini M&M’s. Find the recipe here.

Cuddly Cacti

Photo: Lisa Snyder/Bluprint

Of the 1,400 species of cacti in the world, 669 of them are found in Mexico. No need to fear the prickly thorns on these cuddly cookies, though. (And did you notice that they’re made of ghost-shaped cookie cutters?)

Sugary Sombreros

Photo: Beth/Hungry Happenings

These 3D cookies look as cool as they taste. If you don’t have a brownie mold, a muffin tin can be substituted to make the rounded part of the hat.

Chili Pepper Cookies

Photo: Taste of Home

This simple recipe can be made without cookie cutters (or spice). Great for the gal whose favorite part of baking is eating.

Taco Treats

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

There are already tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—why not make tacos for dessert too? When it comes to adding the cayenne, keep in mind that less is more to get just enough spice with this treat.

Llama Cookies

Photo: Nicole/Tikkido

These final cookies require the most skill—and are the most *Insta-worthy*, obvs. Enlist the help of your fam and you can be churning out these cuties in no time.

Are you a pro-baker or clumsy in the kitchen? Spill on your skills in the comments below!

by Bailey Bujnosek | 5/5/2020