The craziest ice cream flavors from around the world

Way back in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan made July National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July National Ice Cream Day. Since then, ice cream has undergone a wave of transformations, from healthier flavors and dairy-free options to science-y innovations. But perhaps the most noticeable change to ice cream has been the increased variety of flavors. Some are twists on old favorites, while others make you wonder who the audience is, exactly. Scroll on to see the craziest flavors in ice cream history.

Hot Cheetos Ice Cream


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Ice cream and flamin' hot aren't words you usually see in the same sentence, but this fiery combo looks unexpectedly delicious.

Purple Yam (Ube) Ice Cream


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I first tasted this unconventional flavor as a kid at a street festival in Sacramento. The royal color sticks in my mind more than the taste, though I recall comparing it favorably to vanilla.

Mashed Potato Ice Cream


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First popping up as a joke around Thanksgiving, mashed potato ice cream is more potato than cream. Scoop some mash into a cone, drizzle with gravy, and enjoy...or put it back on your plate.

Blueberry Kale Ice Cream


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Nothing says healthy like ice cream, right? This fruit-and-veggie cone looks sweet enough, though a taste test might prove otherwise.

Ketchup & Mayo Ice Cream


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The reviewer who took this pic admits the flavor was weird, but once she added it to fries things came together. The ketchup drizzle makes it especially appetizing.

Matcha & Red Bean Ice Cream


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When you need an energy boost, lookout for this Christmas-colored swirl in New York City's Chinatown. It's got the matcha powder from your fave Starbucks boosts, plus the health bennies of beans.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/9/2020