How to make Insta-worthy coffee at home

Ahh, coffee: the ultimate comfort beverage and afternoon pick-me-up in one. Whether you're a coffee fanatic because of Emma Chamberlain or you're simply a sucker for Starbucks, we've got you covered with everything you need to spice up your coffee from the comfort of your couch. Bc savoring some aesthetic sips while saving some $$$? We're here for it.

Reusable cup

Perf for carrying your coffee to school on those days when you're running, uh, a little behind schedule (been there!).

Target, $5

Initial mug

Just sayin', you can never go wrong with an Anthro mug.

Anthropologie, $14

Glass cup

Nothing screams Insta more like a pretty drinking glass. This one is literally *made* for aesthetic cold brew pics.

Anthropologie, $14

Insulated mug

Pretty sure there's nothing worse than lukewarm coffee. Keep your brew steaming all morning long (even on those chilly winter days) with a thermal cup.

Miir, $25

Flavor syrups

If you don't think you can live without your caramel or vanilla latte (DW, we can't either), gather the ingredients to craft the concoction yourself. We promise it's easier than you think. A drizzle of caramel syrup + your fave French press? A match made in heaven.

Amazon, $9

Amazon, $20 for 3

Ice molds

Is it just us, or does fancy ice *actually* make your drinks taste better? Grab some silicone molds to add an artsy touch to your iced lattes.

@caffeinication Salted Caramel Cold Brew anyone? So delish 🤤🤩❤️ #caffeinication #icedcoffee #coffee #healthyliving ♬ Gymnopedie No. 1 - Relaxing Piano Consort

Amazon, $8

Milk frother

Behold: the biggest game-changer for your coffee. Whether you're whipping up a cold foam topping or simply bubbling up your beverage, a milk frother takes your coffee from drab to fab.

Amazon, $13

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by Miriam Riley | 1/13/2022