You need to try these ice cream sandwich recipes ASAP

Summer calls for ice cream sandwiches...but it's time to spice up your fave refreshing dessert. We've compiled yummy ice cream sandwich recipes to beat the summer heat. Bc it's true: Your classic chocolate chip cookie isn't the only thing you can use to make a delish dessert.

Belgian Waffle 

This spin on this classic delish breakfast is easier than it looks. Simply make the waffles your way (use a mix or do it by scratch—you choose!) and put your fave ice cream in between two waffle pieces. And whether you dip it in melted chocolate or add nuts, don't forget to add your fave topping.


To cultivate *all* the summer carnival vibes, pair churros with refreshing ice cream. You could use pre-made churros, or if you're feeling ambitious, make them yourself!


The only thing better than this nostalgic breakfast treat? Eating it with ice cream! Try this DIY recipe, or make it with store-bought Pop-Tarts. Either way, you can't go wrong with a toaster pastry.


Gooey and graham cracker-y, who doesn't love a good 'ol fashioned s'more? Pair a graham cracker-inspired cookie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. And adding marshmallows (aka the best part) is a must.

Sugar cookie

Last but certainly not least, you can never go wrong with a classic sugar cookie ice cream sandwich. Add sprinkles to sweeten it up even more and you'll have dreamy ice cream sammy.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 7/19/2022