Fourth of July is Oh-So Sweet!

The Valentine candy staple Sweethearts is bringing their yummy treats to our troops overseas.
Since May, Sweethearts has been sending care packages to troops expressing their apprecia- tion with new Red, White & You Sweethearts. The cute candies feature phrases like “Proud of U,” “Home Safe” and “Miss You.”

Until September, Sweethearts will continue to partner with the USO and bring a well-needed smile to America’s troops. For more info, visit

Patriotic Red, White, & You Sweethearts Flag Cake

Sure, Fourth fireworks keep you oohing and ahhing, but this tasty treat from will keep your mouth watering! For your family’s Fourth Day celebrations, get the BFFs together to create this yummy flag-shaped cake. Oh my stars!

Red, White & You Sweethearts
13” x 19” Sheet Cake (Cooled)
White Cake Icing
Blue Food Coloring (Red is optional)
Frosting Spatula
Pastry Bag

Frosting Your Flag Cake:
Begin by separating the icing into two bowls. In one bowl, add the blue food coloring into the white icing until the desired shade is achieved.
Use the frosting spatula to cover the entire cake with the white icing.
Fill the pastry bag with the blue icing and use this to frost the upper-left corner of the cake, marking the star section of the U.S. flag.

Decorating Your Flag Cake:
On the remaining white-frosted section of the cake, use the red Sweetheart to create the red stripes of the flag.
In the blue-frosted section of the cake, use the white Sweethearts to create the stars of the U.S. flag.
Use blue (or red) frosting on the pastry bag to create decorative border along the bottom edge of your cake.
Most importantly, enjoy Red, White & You Sweethearts’ delicious all American flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla crème, as you create this patriotic dessert!

Red, White, & You Sweethearts are available nationwide. For more craft ideas and recipes, check out to amp up all your patriotic projects! !

-Melany Troy


7/1/2009 10:00:00 AM