Bring some green to your scene with this DIY terrarium


Terrariums. They're crafty, adorable and bring a nice bit of mother nature right to your room. Lately, terrariums have been all over the internet, with people's original ideas that inspire so many others to create their own. But how do you make a terrarium? Where do you buy all the materials? Have no fear GL girls, you can find that out here.

When your room is stuffed with dressers, dirty clothes, textbooks and the math homework you're still puzzling over it, it can get pretty dreary. But a terrarium can help make your space feel more clean and fresh. Keeping a plant near by can bring you a sense of balance and nature—and totally clear your mind. Plus, terrariums are super easy to take care of.

Here's what you will need to start making your first-ever terrarium:
1. Clean, glass container that are large enough to fit plants
2. Small stones (gravel, pebbles, broken pottery, etc)
3. Potting charcoal
4. Sand
5. Plants
6. Accesories (like cute little figurines, colored rocks, aquarium artifacts)

Before you go out to a hardware or craft store to pick up materials, look around your house. Do you see any glass containers your family doesn't use anymore? Is there some soil or pretty rocks that are untouched in your garage? Will anyone notice if you borrow some from the backyard? You might be surprised at what you already have lying around.

Once you've gathered all your materials, your first step is to fill your container with your rocks. If you want to make your terrarium colorful, you can get colored rocks at a pet shop or paint some yourself. Filling the base with rocks will act as a drainage system for your plants, so they stay nice and hydrated at all times. Aim to fill the container with a 1/2" to 2" layer.

Next, you'll put a layer of sand and charcoal on your rocks. This layer will reduce the amount of bacteria, fungi and odors. Then, add your soil. Put enough soil so that your plants' roots can grow comfortably—bonus if you check that your soil works for your specific flora.

Next come your plants. Make sure to choose plants that don't grow too big and are relatively easy to take care of. Remove your plants from their pots and brush off the excess soil until you can see their roots. You can break the plants into sections if you want, but be gentle. Make a small well for each plant you're placing in the container, and make sure you aren't planting them too close to the edges. Layer the plant with more soil.

Now for the fun part: It's time to add some accesories! Let your imagination take over. Add cute little tiles or pieces of glass to make small mosaics, throw in some cute aquarium pebbles, decorate with little plastic figures or ceramic cats. Anything that you want to make your terarium more you.

The last step is easy. Just make sure you're taking care of your plants! Trim them when you need to, and spray them with water frequently. It's important to keep up with your plants because they're living things! So make sure they're given the perfect treatment.

What do you think, GL girls? Will you make a terrarium to brighten up your room?


by Viviana Santini | 3/15/2018
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