Go boho: Touches to make your room bohemian chic


Are you obsessed with the celeb styles from Coachella? If so, boho is the look for you! Bohemian style is a popular trend in both fashion and décor. Characterized by dream catchers, flowers, suns, moons and shells, boho design is a perfect way to decorate your bedroom. With these decorations, you will wake up each day feeling the fresh, free positive vibes. Check 'em out.


Agate Slice Night Lights

Illuminate your room at night with a vibrant slice of agate rock. Choose from a rainbow of shades for a light that best fits your colors scheme. Etsy, $20.


Magical Thinking Henna Letter

Show off the letter of your first name with the lovely and intricate designs of henna. Feeling creative? Grab a bunch of letters to spell out an inspiring message.Urban Outfitters, $14.


Dream Catcher with Feathers Hanging

Make all of your dreams come true with this beautifully detailed dream catcher hanging in your bedroom. Amazon, $17.


Half Moon Planter

This golden half moon planter will gorgeously display any tiny plant you want to put in your room. Urban Outfitters, $14.


Oh Sol Sleepy Pillowcase Set

Lighten up your space with this set of sun face pillowcases. Modcloth, $35.


Good Vibes Only Printable Poster

Make your room a "Good Vibes Only" zone with this printable poster. Whether you hang it or frame it, it will definitely bring positive energy to your room. Etsy, $6.


Magical Thinking Danie Medallion Tapestry

The complex and colorful style of a tapestry will bring your boho chic theme together and take up space on a blank wall. Urban Outfitters, $49.


Boho Boutique Tea light Candle Holder - Light Purple

Make your room smell fragrant and fresh with a candle in this majestic elephant candleholder. Target, $12.


Branch Dressings Jewelry Stand

Hang your bracelets, rings and other jewelry from the branches of this desert cactus. Modcloth, $18.


Spiraling Shell Mobile

You will feel like you are lying on the beach with this elegant shell mobile hanging above your bed. Urban Outfitters, $30.

What do you think of boho chic style for your bedroom? What vibe are you rocking?

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by Megan Holt | 5/16/2016