10 triangle-inspired pieces you *need* for your room

Has your room been making you yawn lately? It's time to spice it up girls, and nothing's better than adding a couple triangle-shaped decorations to your room. Check out our finds for how to jump on the latest room deco trend.

1. Etsy, $35.95


The triangle center makes these decorations way different from your normal circle dreamcatchers. Search through DayCrafters' various different dreamcatcher designs to find the perfect one for your room.

2. Etsy, $15.99


These cute triangle decals can be put all over your room as temporary wallpaper. Chromantics sells them in gold, black, brown, and grey. So choose your favorite shades and go crazy!

3. DIY Neon Triangle Photo Frames


These DIY photo frames will bring out your artistic side. Glue on photos you've taken yourself of your summer trip, or cut out some insirational photos you find in magazines. Learn how to do it yourself here.

4. Etsy, $22


These adorable little mountains are handmade with felt, cotton, and a little bit of love. The best part is they have words like adventurer, wanderlust, and explore to inspire you everyday.

5. Urban Outfitters, $24


You'll get two different uses out of this cool piece: It isn't just a mirror, but also a jewelery holder for all your fave necklaces!

6. DIY Painted Triangle Door


This deco idea is pretty straight forward. Choose your favorite colors, and add a little bit of triangle love to your door. You can either make two reflecting triangles, or go all out with tiny geometic patterns exploding all over your door. Go ahead and express yourself!

7. Etsy, $16


This is ideal for the girl who loves glitter! Choose colors ranging from red to white and hang these sweet garlands all over your walls to bring some life to your room.

8. Etsy, $24.82


This minimalist clock is a piece that will stick out from everything else in your room with its red wood.

9. Etsy, $27


You'll have a totally relaxed vibe when hanging this galaxy-inspired piece in your room with its cool patterns and glittery sparkles.

10. Etsy, $20


These shelves are perfect for holding your tiny nick nacks. Stock them with cute plants, books, and ceramic bowls to liven up your space.

Photo credit: DayCrafter, ChromanicsHello Happy Studio,ArtandAromaUrban OutfittersDesign SpongePaperandPlanes ,JLBandCo, WoodCreekCo

by Viviana Santini | 7/30/2016
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