How to make your room look magazine-worthy


We've all swooned at the beautiful rooms we see in magazines and catalogs. Every girl wishes to have a room that looks so put together and stylish...and it's easier than you think. Moving a few things here and there, and buying or creating things to fill up space in your room can actually be cheap and easy if you put your mind to it. Here's some inspiration to get you started.

1. Hang up colorful tapestries


Hanging up some cool tapestries is the easiest way to give your walls a kick of creativity! They'll fill up those empty voids in your room, and will bring it all together to give your room a warming feel. Hang some up that match the aura of your room.

2.Put up some cute, geometric shelves


Who wants boring, regular shelves for their room? Instead, pick out ones that come in different shapes. It'll give your room some unique decorations that can be seen as art for your small objects.

3. Bring in the fancy looking rugs


This cute faux sheepskin rug from Urban Outfitters can give your room a fancy and cozy feel that you see all the time in catalogs. Throw it lazily on the floor to give it a laid-back look.

4. Spice up your chair


Have a cute chair in your room that looks a little lonely? Throw on a couple of really pretty pillows to give it a warmer look. We promise, it will make your room more welcoming.

5.Include little collections around your room


All the rooms in catalogs have their own atmosphere and vibe. Find out what vibe you want to portray by including the things you love all throughout your room. Maybe you can have small bouquets of flowers on your desk, nightstand, and in your bathroom. Or maybe you can have a mini table with all your favorite candles.

6. Create your own monogram


You know that every catalog has at least a couple of rooms with monograms in it. Monograms are a cute way to decorate your room and make it look a little fancy. Create your own so you can show off your artistic side. The tutorial for the one in the picture can be found here.

7. Drape some garlands where it's needed


Have a small area in your room that's just bare and boring? Drape some small garlands all over it so your room gets an extra pop! Pick from twinkly lights, to fake flowers.

What do you think GL Girls? Have more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Urban OutfittersLush Home,Target,Mod Cloth 

by Viviana Santini | 8/7/2016